Best Size’s of Children’s Clothes for Ages 5 to 10

Buying Clothes for your siblings are difficult, why? Because every day they grow and get bigger and bigger. Their sizes will be wider and longer, and it’s hard to pick clothes that are well fit for your children’s. Is it kind of confusing right? Especially when you have so many children’s, and all of them have different sizes. Its kind of a headache and can also be stressful, But what if you will have the opportunity to know and have a guide to know the best sizes that are well fit for your siblings.
Well, we will help you with that, and we will make sure that you’ve made the right choice to consult us with your tiny problem. We will introduce you the best sizes that can be your guide in buying the best clothes for your children’s;

Ages 5-6

Waist Inches – in buying shorts or skirts you must pick the ones that have an allowance to make sure that it can truly fit your siblings. At the age of five, they could be tall and fat as possible, but some are not, so the best sizes for them are; 20.5, 21, 21.5, or 22.
Shirts/ Dresses- you must choose the ones the is 100% cotton because the skin of your siblings is not yet enough to absorb moisture. The sizes for them are 22, 22.5. 23.2 and 23

Ages 7-8

Waist Inches- when they turn 7- 8 surely they are big, so your sizes will increase more like; 23.5,24,24.5,25, and 25.8
Shirts/ Dresses- the perfect fit for your children’s in having dresses or shirts is 24,25,25.4,26,26.4,27 so that it has an allowance so it can be longer to use

Ages 9-10

Waist Inches- now they are tall and big so it sizes should be at 27, 27.5,28,29, or 30
Shirts/ Dresses – just like its waist size it is the same, but if your children are really big, you can start buying small sizes or medium size.