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Scotch R'Belle : Scotch and Soda Girls Clothes
Scotch R'Belle

Scotch R'Belle : Scotch & Soda Girls Clothes

Spring and Summer 2013

Since 1985 Scotch & Soda is a style which encompasses creativity and individuality as the keys to success. Scotch R'Belle, the girls line of Scotch and Soda, offers you something that fits every mode of creativity and maybe something a little bit rebellious.

‘The Rock star diaries of Mademoiselle R’belle’ is simultaneously delicate and cool. Think the LA laid back vibe, sorbet factory pastels, admiral stripes, urban safari, adorable t-shirts and little details that make each garment special. Scotch R’belle will definitely have the same feel as the Scotch Shrunk boy’s line but with a dazzling more of sophistication and femininity. To Scotch & Soda, life is not a competition. It’s not about being the biggest or boldest. To them, knowing what to want and what to stand for, making choices as an individual and as a team is more important than growing business for business sake.

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