How to Prevent Children’s Clothes from Getting Damage?

We all know that in reality, not all clothing can last forever right? They are bound to change shape, fade and wear out because of our repeated use. But this doesn’t mean that you will just treat it like garbage that can be thrown away that easily. Because those clothes are part of their past, even though they are all grown up you can still show them the clothes that they use to wear when they were little. And they will know how careful you were because until now it is still alive, it may have damages but still worth it.
And if you want it to happen, we will help you on how you can prevent your children’s clothes from getting damage and ruin.

Avoid Laundry Usage- if you want your children’s clothes to be clean, you must go to hand washing so you can monitor if the colors are fading or not. And you can make sure that it is really clean.

Avoid using Strong Bleaching- too much bleaching can easily make clothes fade especially to your children’s because their fabrics are thin. Their fabrics are not used to be bleach because it takes away its good quality. It can also lead to skin burn if not rinsed properly because when children’s adapt too much moisture from playing the remaining bleach powder can come to its skin.

Iron with Care- all of the irons have directions on how you will use it in clothes, it has different temperatures in one rotation. Because to much heat in clothing can reduce its fibers and make them flat. So you must know the right temperature with different kinds of fabric so it can’t be damage that easily.

Practice good Storage- Children’s cloth must be organized in its kind of variety from shirts to undergarment. They must be folded well and make sure that its storage is clean and can’t be a house of insects like a cockroach so it will not have bitten parts and especially getting damaged!