What is the Proper Way of Washing your Children’s Clothes

If you want your children’s clothes to last longer, you must know how to take care of them and to wash them properly. Because if not it will be damage quickly and your money will just be wasted. You must know the proper way and the things that aren’t included in washing. You must know how to keep them organized so that it will not be hard for you to wash them. Collect all of them and organized them with their same color especially to their fabric. You must be careful about washing them because they have different soaps that are needed so that it can’t be damaged.

5 Ways to Do Proper Washing of Children’s Clothes

1. Use Natural Soap – Using Natural Soap can help you to make their clothes soft, and its color will not fade rather than using strong detergent soaps. Especially if their clothes are made of cotton, silk, and polyester a natural soap is the best thing to use for washing them.

2. Add Baking Soda- If their clothes are smelly and have bad odors because of sweat when playing, you can use a half cup baking soda because it gives a fresh smell and can remove those odors.

3. Add a Cup of white Vinegar – using white vinegar can help to make their fabrics smooth and remove residue that was left by fabric softeners. It can also help sustain the right color of clothes to avoid fading.

4. Use Citrus Scent – Especially for children’s they want their clothes to be fragrant because they enjoy smelling the fragrance from their clothes. Using citrus scent can help your children’s smell good even though they are soaked with sweat.

5. Make them Fully Dry – Do not keep their clothes into a crowded area because even you use all your soaps to make it smell good, it will just be wasted because it has no sunlight to adapt. You must know how to dry them where there is sunlight so that its smell can’t be removed.